Hello, I'm Nik. I do weird stuff since I was born back in 1991 in Moscow, Russia. My best-known activity is, obviously, project Aesthesys where I do instrumental ambient\neoclassical music since 2007 and which has transformed into a band in the end of 2011.

Apart from this I was writing music for (and played live in) post-rock\metal formation " ", and avant-garde duo "Crayon Medicine Enclave", which is also disbanded. Also I experiment with larger range of genres (like avant-garde metal, darkjazz, electronic, noise etc) as "Nickholas Koniwzski" at first, then - as "kawataro".

My never-ending experiment in music started when I was 6 years old and met my very first midi-sequencer. Then I had attempts to write in classical form concerts for violin and piano, sonatas and etudes, but I didnt succeed much in that, so I decided to focus on my classical violinist career which I dumped years later. But everything has changed once again when I bought my first electric guitar in 2007.

Since 2014, one of my main activities is murmur - a sound workshop we founded with Aesthesys' Victor Krabovich and Ivan Lubiany, where i'm specializing in composition\arrangement\scoring line of work.