Hello, I'm Nik. I do weird stuff since I was born back in 1991 in Moscow, Russia. My best-known activity is, obviously, the project Aesthesys, where I do instrumental post-rock\neoclassical music since 2007.

Apart from this I was writing music for (and played live in) post-rock\metal formation "Курс Кая", and avant-garde duo "Crayon Medicine Enclave", which is also disbanded. Also I experiment with larger range of genres (like avant-garde metal, darkjazz, electronic, noise etc) as "Nickholas Koniwzski" at first, then as "kawataro".

My never-ending experiment in music started when I was 6 years old and met my very first midi-sequencer. Then I had attempts to write in classical form – concerts for violin and piano, sonatas and etudes, but I didn't succeed much in that, so I decided to focus on my classical violinist career which I dumped years later. But everything has changed once again when I bought my first electric guitar in 2007.

Since 2014, one of my main activities is murmur—a sound workshop we founded with Aesthesys' Victor Krabovich and Ivan Lubiany, where I'm specializing in composition\arrangement\scoring line of work.